Gamification – a way to drive participation

Gamification, in short, “integrates game dynamics into your site, service, community, content, or campaign, in order to drive participation” (link).   Game design can include levels, badges, leaderboards, ways to socialize, or rankings in order to incentivize people to want to participate.

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Microtasking – a new way to accomplish big projects


Microtasking is using an internet site (such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, Microtask, and others) to crowdsource tasks (usually small) that require human intelligence.  People who participate can be paid or unpaid. Workers are generally paid as contractors.

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unnamedWhat is Crowdmapping?
Crowdmapping is an opensource initiative by Ushahidi (meaning witness). It is a Kenyan technology and allows users all over the world to create crowd-generated inputs comprising of text messages and social media feeds with geographic near real-time information about events happening around them. Through this, users can create maps and make information reach worldwide about crimes, natural disasters etc. Crowdmaps can be created by anyone on the Ushahidi platform through tools like
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