Drones Can Save Lives

Amazon has been planning upon the use of drones for delivery for packages to buyers under Amazon Prime Air Service. But at least three other groups have already tried the same technology. Domino’s pizza’s domicopter and Taco Bell’s Tacocopter have so far not succeeded in launching their airborne delivery machines. But the most interesting one is Seattle’s city police department’s experimental drone program to enforce public safety mechanism in a completely new fashion. They purchased two Dragonflyer X-6 helicopter Tech unmanned aerial vehicles in 2010. Neither the city council nor the public knew of the police drone program until 2012.

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Next Generation 911

NG911The current 911 system does not support text or multimedia messaging, and lacks the capability to interconnect with other systems and databases. Imagine how it can be revolutionized with the use of smartphones. The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is carrying out a movement to move to a next-generation 911 system based on modern internet protocol-based network that can take advantage of capabilities such as text, multimedia and video messaging. Such a network requires interoperatability between different vendors so people would not be locked in with just one vendor.

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Chicago’s SmartData Platform

BrennaBerman_19SmartData Platform is a fascinating tool for accurate and calculated decision making in the city of Chicago through the use of Big Data. Its an opensource initiative which aims at the use of predictive analytics. The first stage of the project is complete. The first tool is called Windygrid, which presents a unified view of operational data for all public safety agencies on a single dashboard. Different kinds of data are displayed in a user-friendly single graphical interface which allows users to make queries and receive automatic updates and alerts.

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Health DataPalooza


Urban Dictionary defines the word Palooza as ‘an all-out crazy party; partying at one place with a ton of people like there’s no tomorrow. When we say datapalooza, there is no party involved, except a ton of geeks, entrepreneurs, industry bigwigs and bureaucrats struggling with big data with the help of lots of caffeine and powerpoints. Governments are trying to collect, maintain, and automate data related to all sectors and translating into mobile apps and computer programs. Health Datapalooza is a national conference in the US which focuses on liberating health data, and bringing together the companies, startups, academics, government agencies, and individuals with latest innovative and effective uses of health data. The purpose is to find ways to improve patient outcomes through competitions.

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unnamedWhat is Crowdmapping?
Crowdmapping is an opensource initiative by Ushahidi (meaning witness). It is a Kenyan technology and allows users all over the world to create crowd-generated inputs comprising of text messages and social media feeds with geographic near real-time information about events happening around them. Through this, users can create maps and make information reach worldwide about crimes, natural disasters etc. Crowdmaps can be created by anyone on the Ushahidi platform through tools like crowdmap.com
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Civic Insight (BlightStatus)

BLIGHTstatus2aCivicinsight, formerly BlightStatus is a public website that provides citizens up-to-date information on the status of underutilized properties in their community.  It is an opensource project by Code for America for the city of New Orleans. It gives quick and accurate information to citizens who want to know what has happened with an abandoned property in their area. The site connects directly to internal government data systems to make information about the status of vacant or underutilized spaces available to the public in real-time.

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Ten Mobile Apps by Code for America

Adopt a Hydrant: is an app that allows citizens to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall. It lets governments look to community members for help. This map-based web app allows individuals, small business and community organizations to volunteer in shoveling out specific hydrants. www. Adoptahydrant.org
BizFriendly: is an app led by Kansas city, Missouri Mayor’s Office and brings together small and mid-sized business owners, their employees, community experts, governments, and providers of web services in one place to learn and share about how to start, run and grow businesses. Users can learn and teach through online lessons through content creation tools built into bizfriendly.

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