Ten Mobile Apps by Code for America

Adopt a Hydrant: is an app that allows citizens to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall. It lets governments look to community members for help. This map-based web app allows individuals, small business and community organizations to volunteer in shoveling out specific hydrants. www. Adoptahydrant.org
BizFriendly: is an app led by Kansas city, Missouri Mayor’s Office and brings together small and mid-sized business owners, their employees, community experts, governments, and providers of web services in one place to learn and share about how to start, run and grow businesses. Users can learn and teach through online lessons through content creation tools built into bizfriendly.

CityVoice: A location based call-in system to collect community feedback into actionable information. It solicits residents through media such as signs and flyers. Residents can then call in and are prompted to respond to structured polls as well as leave voice feedback explaining their opinions. This data can be used by municipalities for several purposes.

Click That Hood: It is a game based on open data, where you pick a city, then get a challenge to identify the polygon of a named neighborhood. It includes a list of 86 different locations across 11 countries through an open source community.

Development Fastpass: It is another app that helps business owners research the best options to locate their businesses within Las Vegas. The app combines parcel data, land use, zoning, building occupancy, and business incentives to offer recommendations and information on specific properties. Opencounter is another such application.

DiscoverBPS: helps parents chose the right school for their children in Boston. It combines eligibility criteria, school data, and advanced mapping tools and helps parents compare their top school choices.

Honolulu Answers: It is a citizen-centric website that allows citizens to type in questions about city services just like they type in Google. It has a search box where residents can ask questions or type in keywords using standard plain language and receive friendly and complete answers.

Jail Population Management Dashboard: This app helps judges and other stakeholders understand the conditions in the metro jail and use this data to visualize how their decisions affect program, facility and inmate outcomes. It provides historical information going back decades, as well as near real-time data about the current jail population.

Reroute.it: calculates the costs and environmental impacts of our transportation choices.
Streetmix: is a very interesting application that provides users with an interactive street section builder that helps community members mockup the streets they’d like to live on in the future and offer these mockups as future plans for city officials and planners.


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